KINN betas take off in the Airport App

About Airport App

Airport App is a new store for beta versions of apps that enable developers to showcase their apps and testers to discover and try them by joining TestFlight beta lists.

Made by Jordan Singer it looks like one of the most promising apps to make finding testers for new apps easier for indie developers, as well as provide enthusiastic users to try out features before they are available for general use.

I am super excited to announce that KINN has been part of the first batch of apps available in the Airport App and is accepting new testers.

In fact, most of the improvements coming soon in the new minor update to KINN v1.9.2 were driven based on user feedback provided by Airport testers.

Try KINN betas

KINN is a contacts management app which helps you keep in touch with friends and family, developed independently by @dragosrobertn.

To beta test the app you can join our TestFlight list here, or join the through the link in the Airport App.

Download on the App Store

If you want to take advantage of the most stable version, you can download KINN on the App Store.


v1.9.2 – Improvements to contact updates, new informative cards & Twitter handles

This minor update brings a series of improvements to localization in addition to:

  • Improving the speed contacts update when adding, modifying or deleting them
  • Twitter handles now open directly in the Twitter app instead of browser if the user has the app installed
  • New Information Cards for Favourites and Excluded for better explanation of the features.

KINN is a free contacts management app available for Download in the App Store.


v1.9.1 – Performance improvements and privacy policy notice

This minor update fixes an application behaviour that caused it to lag when the user performed groups-related actions such as adding or removing groups and assigning contacts to groups. As a result the speed and performance has massively improved.

In addition, this update adds a new notice to inform users about updates to the privacy policy.


v1.9.0 – Widgets, improved search and localization support

This is an exciting update with numerous new improvements and additions.

Support for widgets

This update included two new widgets that users can add to their Today’s view on their iPhone or iPad and see their Favourites and Suggested contacts.

These update automatically every day, and tapping a contact in the widget will open the contact profile in KINN.

New languages support

In addition, KINN is now available in 12 languages and 15 different regions, with added support for including Dutch, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Polish.

Moreover support for Austrian German has been added with this update.


The search feature in the Contacts Tab has been drastically improved to find matches in the contacts’ fields for email addresses, phone number, company, job title and nickname, in addition to the already supported family and given name.

Other Improvements

The onboarding process has now seen a revamp with a new card-style process, taking users through a new flow and explaining application features.

As always this update brings bug fixes, resolves a memory leak on the Groups tab that would make it sluggish and various other improvements.


In order to better understand what app features are used, where users get stuck and how to improve the app in the future analytics have been added. Analytics been implemented with users’ privacy in mind – no contact details or user contacts information is collected.

The analytics only report on events performed by the user (such as App Launched, Favouriting Contacts, Creating a Group etc) and the settings state – which do not reveal any personal identifiable information. In addition there is no way to track the user across platforms, websites and app, and the analytics are not used for advertising purposes.

Users can choose to opt out of Analytics if they wish to in Settings. For more information please check the updated Privacy Policy.

Hope you enjoy these new improvements.

KINN is a free contacts app for iOS and you can download it from the App Store and you can follow updates on Twitter.


v1.8.3 – Localization & UX Improvements

This update brings some localization and user experience improvements:

  • You can now decide to skip notifications permission granting during onboarding. To enable them, go to the Settings Tab.
  • When selecting your contact card during onboarding, the field now populates your name.
  • You can now long press on a contact card and the actions sheet will be presented.
  • If a contact does not have a name, KINN will fallback to the phone number or the email.
  • Some content was not being localized correctly in certain regions. This has now been fixed.

Hope you enjoy these new improvements.

KINN is a free contacts app for iOS and you can download it from the App Store.


KINN appears on r/apple for Self Promotion Saturday

The community of r/apple has helped shape a lot of the initial features of KINN and today KINN is participating in the Self Promotion Saturday.

If you’d like to enter the discussion or upvote KINN, you can do so here:

If you want to find out more about the story behind KINN, check out this article.


The story behind KINN

Hi, this is Dragoș, I am the indie developer behind KINN.

For the past few years I’ve been concerned with privacy, use of personal data by big corporations and manipulation on social media apps like Facebook and Instagram.

In 2018, I have made the conscious decision to completely remove most of my social media accounts (except Twitter). However, before actually doing it, I conducted a thorough analysis on my own use of those social media apps and discovered that for Facebook for instance, I was using it as a proxy to get in touch with friends and people I knew after seeing their posts on my timeline (thanks to the unknown algorithms), which might as well have been random for me. Another useful feature was knowing and being reminded about people’s birthdays.


v1.8.2 – Localization improvements & bug fixes

Experiencing bugs, app crashes and incorrect localization is never great, so a new version of KINN has just been released.

This small update brings some improvements and fixes the following issues:

  • Quoted content is now being localized properly in all supported regions.
  • Fixes the bigger than expected tab bar icons on certain devices.
  • Fixes a crash when trying to add a group on iPad.
  • Fixes a crash when trying to add a reminder on iPad.

The new update to KINN – Contacts and Groups is now available for free in the App Store.


v1.8.1 – Fixes to birthday dates and notifications

A new version of KINN, your new contacts app for iOS, is now available in the App Store.

This small and quick update to the contacts manager fixes the following issues:

  • Birthdays displayed one day off due to timezone differences in certain regions
  • Notifications were not rescheduled immediately when the time was changed in Settings
  • Birthday notifications were not cancelled after deleting a contact

The new update to KINN – Contacts and Groups is now available for free in the App Store.


KINN is now on Product Hunt

As part of our big release of v1.8.0 which includes support for 7 different languages and 9 different regions, KINN is also present on Product Hunt!

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